A note on the software

Although Emacs is used a lot all over the world, it is not prevalent in Economics. I have been in the profession for more than 20 years now and I met 2 or 3 colleagues who use Emacs as well.

Admittedly, Emacs features a bit of a learning curve but nowadays there are great tutorials available including video's. If you would like to have a "gentle" introduction to a wide variety of topics, I would recommend Mike Zamansky's blog. Searching the web for "emacs tutorial" will give lots of other options and Emacs has its own built in tutorial.

My Emacs configuration starts from John Kitchin's scimax which gives great integration with things I use on a daily basis like Latex, org-ref and ob-ipython. Latex is great for generating pdf's and there are a lot of good Latex editors. However, org-mode is more flexible as it allows export to Latex, but also to html and jupyter notebooks.

For my students it is relevant to know that you can write your MSc and PhD thesis in Org mode.

A quick overview of Org mode features is given by Harry Schwartz's video. Alain M. Lafon's video gives a more "poetic" expression of the same idea not only focused on Org mode.