In 2018-2019 this course is taught by:

  • Santiago Bohorquez Correa
  • Jan Boone
  • Mark Klik
  • Misja Mikkers
  • Marius-Lucian Prisacuta
  • Cheyenne Ramada


We are very happy that we partner with datacamp for this course to teach you both python and R.

Datacamp offers great on-line courses for you to learn R and python.


Things to do if you want to follow this course:

  • enroll in datacamp with your Tilburg University email address
  • go to the russet server
  • log into the server and click on the green button "Start My Server"
  • copy the address from the address field in your browser (you need to paste this in a webform)
  • after you have done this, go to the webform:
  • and fill in this webform.
  • note that you need to fill in the webform before February 8, 2019
  • if you do not fill in the webform before the deadline, you cannot get a grade for this course
  • we use the webform also to plan the tutorials, keep an eye on BB before your first tutorial
  • optional: create a github account (this allows you to ask us questions; also during the exam). See below.


If you have questions/comments about this course, go to the issues page. Open a new issue (with the green "New issue" button) and type your question. Use a title that is informative (e.g. not "question", but "question about assignment 2"). Go to the next box ("Leave a comment") and type your question. Then click on "Submit new issue". We will answer your question as quickly as possible.

Information that we need to answer your question:

  • say whether you are an ECO or EBE student
  • mention the group number of your tutorial and/or the name of your tutorial teacher
  • explain your question

The advantages of the issue page include:

  • if you have a question, other students may have it as well; in this way we answer the questions in a way that everyone can see it. Also before asking the question, you may want to check whether it was asked/answered before on the issue page
  • we answer your question more quickly than when you email us
  • you can also use this during the exam

Only when you need to include privately sensitive information ("my cat has passed away"), you can send an email.

In order to post issues, you need to create a github account. Hence, we advice you to go to github and create an account now.

Note that if your question is related to another issue, you can react to the earlier issue and leave a comment in that "conversation".